Which is the best sealant on glass surfaces?

Silicone, PU and hybrid sealants yield satisfactory results on glass. However, in the long term only silicones maintain their adhesion especially if and when they are exposed to sun light. 

How can I ensure adherence on concrete?

Concrete is a basic material with significantly high PH value. Achieving adhesion on it is very difficult. It is difficult for the sealants and adhesives to penetrate through its pores. Often primers might need to be applied before any application. 

You might use neural silicones and polyurethanes on concrete. 

What can I use on ceramic surfaces?

Ceramic surfaces are among the easy surfaces to achieve adhesion. You might want to use silicones.

Can I ensure adherence on copper surfaces?

Although you can achieve adhesion on copper surfaces the sustenance of bonding becomes an issue in time.

How can I ensure adherence on aluminum surfaces?

Aluminum is the easiest metal to apply adhesives. Make sure to thoroughly clean it with a solvent before the application.

Which sealants adhere better on metal surfaces?

You might want to use polyurethane and neutral silicones.

Actually, metals are easy surfaces for sealants and adhesives. However, keeping up the adhesion strength could be a problem in time. Especially it is difficult to maintain strong bonding on metal surfaces which are exposed to humidity. 

It is recommended to thoroughly clean metal surfaces with solvents and, in sensitive applications, to use primers before application. 

What types of sealants can I use on PVC surfaces?

Hybrid sealants adhere on PVC the best. Polyurethane and neutral silicone sealants also yield satisfactory results.